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Sarah prepares for a new arrival

Sarah* was 35-years-old when she became pregnant with her second child. Five years ago, Sarah’s first child, Robbie*, was placed into kinship care due to Sarah’s substance misuse, history of mental health concerns, and exposure to domestic violence.

In the lead up to the birth of Sarah’s second child, the FFT-CW® therapist helped Sarah recognise how to manage her stress and taught her techniques to help bond with the baby. This helped Sarah understand how to meet the needs of her children and create a safe and loving environment for the baby. Sarah’s therapist created an action plan to support her. This plan included regular sessions with her psychologist, using positive affirmations, journaling, and reconnecting with her Muslim faith. This helped Sarah have a stable routine and remain focused.

Since beginning the program, Sarah has not had a panic attack. She has developed a strong bond with her new daughter and is more confident and responsive in meeting her needs. Sarah has made great progress in this area and managing her anxiety.

Both Sarah and her daughter are doing well and the case has been closed by DCJ.

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