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A more safe and stable family life

An Aboriginal family – Mum (Marlee*), Dad (Koen*) with two children aged 12 and seven was referred to the FFT-CW® program because of substance misuse; medical, educational and nutritional neglect; inadequate supervision of children and domestic violence. The 12 year-old has complex medical needs and has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism. 

Prior to FFT-CW® the children were not getting to school on time, or not at all. They did not receive packed lunches and often the 12-year-old was not given his medication.

Two months into the program, the therapist and DCJ caseworker agreed increased DCJ support would help the family. This included implementing a parenting responsibility contract (PRC) and mandatory attendance for Koen at a program to address alcohol abuse. With their therapist to support them, Marlee and Koen attended every PRC meeting as a commitment to both themselves and their children.

Since FFT-CW®, Koen is happier and is able to discuss issues more openly and honestly. The children and Marlee are happier and more content with family life. There have been no further safety concerns reported and DCJ have closed the case and ceased the PRC due to the family’s commitment towards implementing positive changes.

“The changes this family has made with the support of FFT-CW® are commendable. It is apparent that with time and support, any family can implement change to reduce risk to their children.” – FFT-CW® therapist

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