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A Place to Go aims to improve supports and deliver a better response for 10-17 year olds entering and exiting the juvenile justice system, with a focus on young people in remand.

A Place to Go aims to enhance the wellbeing of young people and decrease the likelihood of reoffending. The initiative does this by ensuring young people are supported in accessing holistic, strengths-based wraparound services, which meet their immediate and long-term needs.

A Place to Go draws on services from across NSW Government and non-government service providers to deliver a coordinated and multiagency service solution that can support a young person to change their life trajectory.

The A Place to Go team is made up of:

  • Key Worker to provide a single point of contact for the young person, with a focus on providing access to someone they trust who can help them navigate the service system.
  • A Cross-agency Coordinator and an Education Coordinator who act as central points of contact to coordinate the response for young people in contact with the youth justice system.
  • A Civil Lawyer to provide wraparound and comprehensive legal support to young people.
  • A Multidisciplinary Health Team to provide community-based supports, including a Youth Health Liaison Nurse, Drug and Alcohol Clinical Nurse, and a Senior Mental Health Clinician.
  • Additional support at the Children’s Court through a Court-based Multidisciplinary team working with existing services to provide a coordinated response to young people involved in court proceedings. This includes support from a FACS Court Liaison Officer, an Education Liaison Officer, an Adolescent Court and Community Team Clinician, and Teen Got It! Clinicians.
  • Therapeutic, Trauma-Informed Short-Term and Transitional Accommodation for young people who are unable to return home (including those in out-of-home-care), while longer-term accommodation planning is undertaken.
  • Access to Interagency Case Panels to provide case oversight and a coordinated approach for young people, ensuring continued collaboration between agencies and services.
  • An Adolescent Specialist FACS Casework Manager is available to police at peak times and/or after hours to work with young people, their families and carers, and Police to help resolve issues that can delay a young person’s exit from the police station or prevent them from being released as a result of being unable to meet their bail conditions.

A Place to Go pilot site

Their Futures Matter is committed to ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the delivery of outcomes for young people and their families participating in the A Place to Go initiative. Young people can connect to A Place to Go through referrals at Parramatta Children’s Court or a Police Station in the Nepean Police Area Command.

Please contact the A Place to Go Coordinator for more information on eligibility and referrals.

A Place to Go Coordinator
Phone: 02 9354 1800