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Date published: 21 October 2019

A new program funded by Their Futures Matter which aims to keep Aboriginal families together was launched by Waminda

How hard data can help save children at risk

Date published: 06 July 2019

The Forecasting Future Outcomes report could be the basis for a historic shift in welfare policy towards helping children before they get into trouble.

'Ground-breaking' report: social services overhaul

Date published: 05 July 2019

Minister Gareth Ward announces release of the Forecasting Future Outcomes report, and a new multi-agency called the Stronger Communities Investment Unit to channel funding towards early intervention measures.

Better results than predicted by Tune report

Date published: 08 June 2018

Better results than predicted by Tune report - fewer children entering care and fewer in care (including children on Guardianship Orders)

Date published: 07 March 2018

The approach to dealing with complex mental health issues within the child protection sector in Australia has been in a state of inertia, writes Lisa J Griffiths. A new strategy promises to improve outcomes (Australian Association of Social Workers).

Date published: 23 June 2017

Family and Community Services has committed to the implementation of new, evidence-based intervention models aimed at keeping families together, and we need your help.

Bringing MST-CAN to NSW to keep families together

Date published: 23 June 2017

Across the globe, governments and non-government organisations are working together to support those most vulnerable in our communities to reach the best possible outcomes and lives.