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Previous approaches to child protection and wellbeing have been program-based and siloed. They have failed to address the increasing numbers of children entering out-of-home care and their continuing poor outcomes.

The Their Futures Matter reform is breaking the status quo. Our approach involves moving away from a placement-based system to one where children and families are at the centre of everything we do.

Placing children, young people, and families at the centre of design and decision-making means services are specific and targeted to their needs.

The voices of children, young people, and families will help us to create a coordinated service system that significantly improves life outcomes for current and future generations.


Case studies

Meet some families that have successfully completed FFT-CW®:

Case study: Family ties matter (PDF, 211.59 KB)

Case study: Making her own future (PDF, 219.6 KB)

Case study: Getting out of the pit (PDF, 211.08 KB)

These short case studies demonstrate how the LINKS Trauma Healing Service effectively engages with families:

Case study: Understanding trauma to strengthen a family bond (PDF, 344.71 KB)

Case study: Breaking the cycle of trauma symptoms with LINKS (PDF, 340.85 KB)